The Social Issues You Care About Most

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More than ever, Americans have their finger on the pulse of social issues - and they aren't shy about expressing it. Social media has become a forum, allowing more Americans than ever to openly express their opinions about current events. While polling has the economy in general as the most vital social issue in America, it's far from the only thing that has Americans paying attention. If op-eds, political talk shows, and topics trending on social media are any indication, Americans today care about an incredibly diverse range of topics. We now live in an age where anyone can have their voice heard with just a few clicks. This means previously overlooked sociological concerns are ripe for examination - and some healthy debate. 

What popular social issues do you care most about? There are those issues that hit closest to home. Educational issues like student debt are a major concern. Civil rights, poverty, and access to affordable housing are current concerns that affect many in a direct, immediate fashion. Other societal problems represent larger - and often more existential - concerns. The environment, climate change, and the ethics of scientific research affect us all, but their implications are often felt in an indirect fashion. Nevertheless, you may still feel a passionate dedication to these types of causes. Here you will find examples of major social issues as well as names of types of different challenges society faces. 

Where do you stand on the list of current social issues below? How do you think the United States, and the world in general, are doing at addressing them? Vote up the social issues that mean the most to you. 

Most divisive: Transgender Issues
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  • Poverty


    17,398 votes
    More Americans are living in poverty than any time since the early '90s.
  • Pollution


    15,076 votes

    The United States is second only to China when it comes to producing greenhouse gas. Should the country do more to lessen its carbon footprint? 

  • Education


    17,987 votes

    From public school curriculum to college tuition, are our children getting the educational opportunities they deserve?

  • Homelessness


    12,237 votes

    Over 500,000 people in the United States are homeless. What can be done to get people off the streets? 

  • Ineffective Government

    Ineffective Government

    13,137 votes

    As of 2017, polls indicated public trust in the government was at all time lows. Should the government work to function more efficiently?  

  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights

    14,596 votes

    Are there equal opportunities for people of all races in the United States? How far do stil we need to go to ensure equality?