What Social Issues Does Generation Z Care The Most About?

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If you're under 18, vote up the social issues you'll prioritize when you can vote; vote down the ones you don't care about.

The politics of Generation Z – also known as the iGeneration and Post-Millennials – has been a topic of discussion making its rounds through major media outlets and the internet alike. Following the mass shooting at their high school, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, along with teens and individuals from other communities, organized the March For Our Lives protests for gun control on March 24, 2018. This has many wondering: is gun control the definitive political issue for today's youth?

Maybe that question would be best answered by the youths themselves. If you're a member of the iGen, and you haven't yet turned 18, what social issues matter most to you? Which ones will you prioritize when you can vote?

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    620 votes

    Free Speech And Censorship

  • 2
    589 votes

    Political Corruption

  • 3
    607 votes

    Safety In Schools

  • 4
    575 votes

    The Cost Of Education

  • 5
    503 votes

    The Security Of Personal Data On The Internet

  • 6
    462 votes

    Job Creation In The United States