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People Are Sharing Their Personal Life Hacks That Get Them Out Of A Bad Social Situation

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Need a good tip to have in the back of your mental pocket? Fear no more! Here's some tips that Redditors have used to get them out of a bad social situation. Some are practical, some are sleuthy, others are general guidelines, but all will cerainly have some use! Wallflowers and butterflies can all have something to gain with these brilliant social life hacks. Vote up on the most useful ones below! All posts courtesy of r/LifeProTips.

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    Before Ending A Serious Relationship, Change 100% Of Your Passwords And Remove Account Info And Auto-Login On All Devices

    From Redditor u/harrysapien:

    I'm in the midst of hiring. I had one applicant who stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. She was exactly what my organization was looking for.

    Unfortunately, during the interview process, she informed us via email she was no longer interested in the opportunity. So, we moved on to our second candidate.

    Fast forward two weeks: I get a call from the applicant wondering if we had found someone and expressing interest in the job...I told her that she said she wasn't interested and I showed her the email she sent us. Apparently, she didn't send the email.

    She had recently broken up with her boyfriend during her application process and he 'hacked' into all her accounts and f***** her life up. He deleted all of her social media and also sent us a false email saying she was no longer interested in the job.

    Unfortunately, we hired someone so that opportunity is lost to her forever.

    If you are in serious relationship, then your partner has all of your passwords. They do. It is ridiculously easy to get someone's passwords if you have access to their phone or computer. It is to your advantage to just assume someone you are serious with has all your passwords. Before you break up, with them you need to change all, yes ALL, of your passwords.

    It is amazing how evil and vindictive people can be when they are heartbroken. Even so-called 'nice' people can have a moment of temporary insanity after a break up and torch your whole life if they have the chance.

    Don't give them that chance. Change your passwords.

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    Be Considerate When Someone's Treating You Out To Dinner

    From Redditor u/riningear:

    When being treated to a personal meal at a restaurant, try to stay within their budget. You can figure this out discreetly by asking what your friend/family/colleague is getting, then ordering around or under that price—not more than a dollar or two more than theirs.

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    Don't Decline Every Offer Out Of Politeness

    From Redditor u/ColonelAengus:

    If someone offers you something you want, take it. Don’t decline every kind offer out of politeness.

    It's something I’ve had to grow out of that has cost me so many opportunities. Growing up with severe social anxiety, I found it so hard to accept things people offered me: drinks at their houses, going on outings with people whom I think are inviting me out of kindness, money, job opportunities. There is NO shame in saying yes when someone offers something and usually they’re asking because they WANT to help. Help yourself out. You don’t have to do everything on your own.

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    You Don't Have To Keep Talking To Fit In

    From Redditor u/IveyRoney:

    You don't have to speak to fit in, in fact you definitely shouldn't. Introverted and anxious people often feel the need to be continuously talkative in social settings. Be true to yourself and talk about what you know. People will respect you more for your sincere opinions and brevity.

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