Memes All Socially Awkward People Understand Too Well

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Socially awkward situations induce cringing that folds your stomach into origami, but memes about social awkwardness help unfold the cranes and butterflies in your gut. Turn to the comfort of the Internet, and you'll find relatable images that are basically pictures of you being awkward; the subject may be feline but the social anxiety it's experiencing is universal! Socially awkward memes, like the awkward life phase of puberty, are things everyone can relate and self-efface themselves with. You may be awkward, but not impractical.

To alleviate the pain of social anxiety, scroll through a few of these memes about social awkwardness. Scrolling through awkwardness memes feels preferable to strolling past co-workers whose faces you recognize but names you don't know, right? Each will help you block out all the times you said, "You too," when the waiter said, "Enjoy your meal." Or maybe they'll just make you relive it, which could get awkward but, thankfully, it'll be digitally rather than socially.

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    Party Animal

    Party Animal
    Photo: Angelseoul / Instagram
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    You're Awkward, Harry

    You're Awkward, Harry
    Photo: Jodierose_91 / Instagram
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    Crappy Birthday To You...

    Crappy Birthday To You...
    Photo: Betches / Instagram
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    A Conundrum

    A Conundrum
    Photo: misselizahellcat / Instagram
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    Thank God Animals Can't Talk

    Thank God Animals Can't Talk
    Photo: sue_makeupaddict / Instagram
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    Cat Got Your Tongue

    Cat Got Your Tongue
    Photo: eppersontoni / Instagram
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