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14 Anime Heroes Who Are Complete Sociopaths

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Just because an anime character is technically a good guy doesn't mean that everything they do is, well, good. Sociopathic anime heroes turn the concept of heroism on its head. These characters might do the right thing, but their reasons and their methods don't always seem noble.

Some may lack the capacity to empathize with others, and act on their inability with violence, manipulation, or coldness. Some, like Hellsing's Alucard, actually love violence and are teaming up with the good guys because it offers them more chances to cause harm. Some feel remorse, and some don't, but none of them are typical heroes.

One thing to keep in mind as you read - this article isn't assessing whether or not the character could be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, an actual condition that impacts real people. Instead, this is simply an interesting lens through which to view our favorite heroes - it's not meant to be taken super seriously. 

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    Shigure Sohma - 'Fruits Basket'

    This entry contains spoilers for the Fruits Basket manga, so discretion is advised.

    Unlike many of the characters on this list, Shigure doesn't actually take anyone's lives or even physically harm anyone. Most of the time, he just seems like a mildly lewd writer who's fun to hang out with, if occasionally a little annoying. But Shigure has a dark side that borders on sociopathic. He explicitly states that he acts solely out of self-interest, and is more than happy to hurt and manipulate others to further his own goals, and is inclined to acts of petty revenge.

    His goal is a noble one - he wants to break the family curse - but his remorselessness when it comes to actually pursuing it makes him seem like a low-key sociopathic. 

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    Migi - 'Parasyte'

    Migi - 'Parasyte'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Migi is an alien parasite whose primary goal is his own survival. To accomplish this, he tries to take over Shinichi Izumi's brain, but fails in his mission and ends up confined to his right hand. He and Shinichi are repeatedly attacked by other parasites who can tell that Migi is being influenced by his human host, which means that if he wants to stay alive, he has to fight his own kind. However, he's also totally willing to take down humans - the only reason he ever avoids this is due to Shinichi's will. 

    There are points in the series where Migi does seem to display a form of empathy, but it's still fundamentally against his nature.

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  • Yuno Gasai - 'Future Diary'
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    Yuno Gasai is best known for being the quintessential example of a yandere - but she's also kind of a sociopath. Sure, she's in a match where she has to be the last one standing if she wants to survive, but not everyone is actually capable of making progress in such a match. Yuno is a ruthless elimination-machine who will happily slice through anybody who threatens her - and also anybody who even looks at her beloved Yukiteru. Jealousy is the cause of her violence as often as self-defense is. 

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  • Roberta Cisneros - 'Black Lagoon'
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    Roberta Cisneros is a maid who once worked as an utterly ruthless mercenary. Once dedicated to taking as many lives as possible, Roberta now focuses on protecting her employers, the Lovelace family. If anybody threatens or insults the Lovelaces, they will have to face her wrath. While Roberta cares deeply for her employers and considers them to be her own family, she shows no remorse or control whatsoever when it comes to everyone else. 

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