This Influencer Creates Traumatizing Eye Looks By Gluing Plastic To Her Eyes

Meet the woman putting the artist in "makeup artist." Sofie Petersen, known by her Instagram handle @sofiepeterseen, is a Danish beauty enthusiast who rose to internet fame after posting her strange eye makeup looks on Instagram. 

Actually, “strange” doesn’t even begin to cover Petersen’s aesthetic. She uses plastic and everyday household items - like earring backs and safety pins - to garnish her eyes as a commentary on the lengths women go to in the name of beauty. When you think about it, gluing stuff to your eyelashes isn’t that crazy... women do it every day with falsies, but Petersen takes it to a whole new level.

Petersen told Paper Magazine more about the inspiration behind the bizarre eyelash trends she’s started, explaining, “In my teen years, I always cared too much about fitting in and looking like people expected me to. It resulted in mental illness. I'm feeling much better now, and the better I got, the more I needed to get away from people's expectations... I guess that's why I now love to provoke and stretch boundaries with my looks, because it gives me a feeling of being free.”

Petersen's outré eyelashes may not be for the feint of heart, but they are stunning in their own surreal way.