Kurt Russell Starred In A 'Blade Runner' Sequel, And It Was The Trashiest Movie Of 1998

If you're a fan of Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece about a cop who hunts down androids in a gritty future Los Angeles, then you've probably seen Blade Runner 2049. But have you watched the 1998 Blade Runner sequel?

The movie Soldier, from director Paul W. S. Anderson and Blade Runner co-writer David Peoples, was envisioned as a "side-sequel" to Scott's movie. The adventures of Kurt Russell's Sgt. Todd were meant to exist in the same fictional universe, and the movie supposedly explored the lives of replicant soldiers in the off-world colonies. 

The result of that plan is a fascinating mess of a movie that involves a comically silent protagonist, a planet covered in trash, Gary Busey, and a villain who wets his pants. It's a bizarre sci-fi movie that could only come from a truly misguided notion. Just be thankful the Blade Runner side-sequel isn't the only continuation of the original film's story.