sports Lose Your Mind And Watch This Soldier Break 14 Bricks Using Just His Hand  

Mick Jacobs

Heroes live among us, some in secret and some in plain sight. The soldier in the video below falls in the latter category; using just one hand, he manages to break 14 bricks in half with just one blow.

The soldier from Beijing does the stunt while his fellow fighters watch and encourage him, all eagerly awaiting the feat of strength in all its spectacular glory. For his part, the super soldier in question appears to be the most composed of them all.

It's impressive how he manages to keep himself so peaceful, especially considering your arm would likely break in half the moment you thought about using it to break a single brick.

Watch the video to see this soldier decimate these bricks in one fell swoop. If anyone finds themselves up against this soldier in combat, they better make peace with their imminent defeat then and there.