WATCH This Soldier Was Pronounced Dead Twice, But He Came Back To Life After Visiting Hell  

Mick Jacobs

Most people never have enough time to travel the world during their lives, but soldier George G. Ritchie allegedly traveled between multiple worlds in less than ten minutes according to the video below. While serving as a medic in WWII, Ritchie fell ill with influenza.

It was the virus that killed him, not the fighting. Ritchie was clinically dead for a total of nine minutes, during which time he says Christ visited him and took him on a personalized tour of the afterlife.

Usually people who report visits to the afterlife claim to see either heaven or hell. In this case, however,  Ritchie maintained that Christ showed him hell, the gates of heaven, and multiple iterations of purgatory in between.

Though not quite ten minutes passed on the physical plane, Ritchie went on an astral adventure that lasted much longer. He was resuscitated, though, and he came back to life a new man, forever changed by what he saw, and thereby changing the many lives of those who believed him. Walk Ritchie's supernatural path without scorching your feet thanks to the video below.