Weird Nature Tear-Jerking Moments Of Dogs Losing Their Damn Minds Reuniting With Soldiers  

Rachel Souerbry
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These videos combine two of the most heartwarming things on earth: soldiers who selflessly serve their country, and dogs who love their owners unconditionally. Whether they've been apart for three months or three years, there's nothing more touching than reunions between soldiers and their dogs.

Some of these soldiers served overseas; others aided in relief efforts following natural disasters at home. No matter what the situation, the joy of these dogs greeting returning soldiers is overwhelming and inspirational. Big dogs, small dogs, old pets, and puppies – none of them can contain their exuberance when their beloved human surprises them by walking through the door.

Enjoy these touching moments between soldiers and their pets, and be prepared to shed some a tear (or a dozen). And for those who have served or continue to serve in the armed forces: thank you.

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Even Older Dogs Get Excited

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