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Easter Eggs In Solo You Definitely Missed

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So, you know Han and Chewie are best friends and on their way to more adventures, but what are the Solo Easter eggs you definitely missed? When it was first announced that Disney had cast Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo, fans excitedly tried to guess at what part of Han's life would the film depict. Would the movie follow the smuggler's escapades from the expanded universe, or would it forge its own unique tale? Wisely, Solo mostly goes its own way, but that doesn't mean the film isn't chock-full of references to the greater Star Wars canon.

Like other modern movie franchises, Star Wars movies are crammed full of nods to works that came before, and Solo is no exception. Director Ron Howard is clearly a student of the series, and he made sure to show off his deep-cut knowledge with a ton different allusions and callbacks to reward longtime fans.

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    Chewie Makes The Exact Same Dejarik Mistake

    It appears that Chewie never really got any better at Dejarik, Star Wars's holographic equivalent of chess. Not only does the Wookie get his butt kicked by Beckett just like he did by R2-D2 in A New Hope, he loses in the exact same way. Chewie makes the same move as in A New Hope, only to have it killed by a counter identical to R2-D2's. Solo even uses the same animation for the hologram as a nod to the New Hope scene. 

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    Ron Howard's Brother, Clint, Makes A Cameo

    When Ron Howard took over as director from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Solo became a much different film. Howard's stable presence guaranteed the movie would be a bit less risky and possibly not as funny as the 21 Jump Street directors' version. It also practically ensured that Ron's brother Clint Howard would make an appearance. Clint's been in more than a dozen Ron Howard films, so it only made sense to see him cameo organizing droid fights in Solo.

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    Lando Hates Mining

    When they come upon Kessel, Lando makes it clear that he hates mining. That's too bad for him, because when we meet him again in Empire Strikes Back, he's running an operation on Bespin—a mining operation.

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    Han Knows How Everyone Feels

    Han's response to Leia in Empire Strikes Back is one of the most famous lines in all of Star Wars. Leia admits her love for Han for the first time, telling him directly, "I love you." Han simply responds with, "I know," before he's lowered into the carbonite chamber and frozen.

    In Solo, Han has a similar way with words. Late in the film, Lando tells Han, "I hate you," and Han once again responds with, "I know." In case anybody's wondering at this point, Han already knows how you feel.

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