15 Tips And Tricks For Traveling Alone

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Travel experts: vote up the tips that will help you have a great solo vacation.

Thinking of going it alone the next time you travel? The first rule: don't let anxiety get you. To enjoy every minute by yourself, you might want to read up on these solo travel tips and tricks. Check out the list and vote for the most useful advice on how to travel alone! 

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    Try Dressing Like A Local

    From a former Redditor:

    Do some research to figure out how to dress like a local. If you can get an international data service, try to get around using Google Maps on your phone, but through headphones. If you're walking around like you know where you're going, with earbuds in, people will assume you're a local on your way somewhere and listening to music, when in reality you're getting walking directions from your phone.

    That way you can look around you instead of looking down at a map, and although you have earbuds in you'll be able to hear what's happening around you as well.

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    Stay In A Hostel That Provides Free Food

    From Redditor u/all_iswells:

    If you're staying in hostels, pick ones that provide free breakfast and/or dinner! The other guests will all be around, and it's an easy way to make friends and pick up a buddy for the day if you feel like it! Plus: free food!

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    Always Volunteer To Be Bumped From Flights

    From Redditor u/kitty_r:

    Always volunteer to be bumped from your flight if you can. My vacation to Iceland paid for my next two vacations because of travel vouchers. This also works if you don't have checked luggage.

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    Don't Drink Too Much

    From Redditor u/Illyria1989:

    Don't drink to excess. I learned this the hard way when three men tried to follow a friend and me back to our hostel one night. She was too drunk to function and I was iffy. We made it back before they could catch up, but it was terrifying. If you must drink more than a glass of wine, buy wine at local stores and wait until you get back to your room.

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    Be Social!

    From Redditor u/Illyria1989:

    Don't be afraid to talk to people!! I met a woman from Iceland in Prague and we've remained friends; I've visited her in Iceland and we still chat on a regular basis!

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    Pack Lightly And Keep Your Stuff Close

    From a Redditor:

    Bring a book (or better: an e-reader if you have one) since you will likely have to do a lot of waiting for flights/trains/etc. Also, bring a portable charger for your phone.

    Pack light, preferably with a backpack and not a rolling suitcase or duffel bag. You never know when you might need to walk with your bag over long distances (e.g., from a train station to accommodation). Backpacks are also easier to store and keep with you when you're on the move.

    On that note: keep your things with you at all times when you're moving between cities. Don't leave your stuff somewhere while you... go to the bathroom or to the restaurant car of a train. Avoid storing your bags on a luggage rack that is out of your sight, as bags are often lifted off the luggage racks in trains (this has happened to two friends of mine). If you must sleep on a train or bus, wrap the straps of your bag around some part of your body or attach them to something nearby.

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