Memes Twitter Users Found A New Way To Ring In The New Year, And It's Actually Genius  

Mick Jacobs
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Since 2017 ended up being such a crapshoot, you definitely want to ring in New Year's 2018 on a better note – the right note, to be precise. To ensure a celebratory entrance for 2018, Twitter users composed New Year's 2018 tweets focusing on certain songs to play at midnight. To start 2018 correctly, you need to make sure you follow one of these 2018 New Year's Eve song tweets and get your iPod, turntables, or YouTube queue all synced up so that when the ball drops, so does the beat. 

Many of these "if you play" tweets reference a few of 2017's best pop songs, but they tend to draw heavily from past hits that people of today both recognize and sympathize with. Other tweets with songs timed to drop on New Year's 2018 draw upon the best rap collaborations for celebration, because nothing bangs more than an entire pack of MCs. But more often than not, most "start 2018 correctly" tweets throw back to more embarrassing songs from your life, probably because everything today happens to be a joke.


Get Alright


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God Bless The Rains...


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An Easy One


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For All You Daredevils Out There


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