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The Best Songs About Africa

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Africa is the cradle of humanity, and the inspiration for greats tunes on this list of songs about Africa. As African tribal music served as the basis for much of the instrumentation found in pop, hip-hop and rock ‘n roll, it’s only fitting musicians would look back on their musical heritage by penning songs about Africa. Some musicians use their songs about Africa as a way to explore race, politics and identity. Whatever draws your interest in the vast continent, you’ll be sure to find a song about Africa on this list that will have you booking the next flight there.

Soft-rockers Toto released “Africa” in the ‘80s. The song enjoys wide popularly and is one of the most well known songs about the continent.

“Africa Talks To You” was going to be the original title of Sly & the Family Stone’s album There’s A Riot Goin’ On, but was retitled in response to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On.

For fans of punk band The Stooges, “African Man” finds frontman Iggy Pop in unusual territory for him, backed by horns and funky percussion.

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