The Best Songs About Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion and sometimes it is best expressed in song. Why not blow some steam off by listening to some of the top songs about anger, ranked by other users who may or may not be pissed off. Some songs about anger are directed at specific people and other songs about being mad are about society at large and political leaders. One group that has had a lot of angry music written about them is the police.

When you are mad at the world and need a song to help vent your frustrations, pop on “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. This anti-establishment track will have you shouting at the top of your lungs. A good hip-hop song that references anger is “F*ck Tha Police” by N.W.A. Eminem also has several of the best songs about anger.

They say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Kelly Clarkson, Alanis Morissette and Carrie Underwood all wrote angry songs about the men who did them wrong.

Which is your favorite song to sing along with when you are mad as hell? Vote it up to the top and share your wrath in the comments section.