The Best Songs About Being Fat

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Obesity has been common for a long time now, and several musicians have paid tribute to the overweight lifestyle with amazing songs about being fat. Most songs about being fat are empowering (body positivity), whereas some other hit singles about being fat are also funny. Although a few of these fat songs are about men, most of these tracks are actually about women, ranging from thick girls to plus-size women.

“Baby Got Back” had us all singing the joys of a fat butt back in 1992, but Meghan Trainor came onto the scene in 2014 with her empowering hit, “All About That Bass.” Morrissey has written multiple songs about being fat. His solo hit, “You're the One for Me, Fatty” and The Smiths' track, “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” obviously made this list, but are they considered the top songs about fat people?

Weird Al Yankovic cracked up music fans with his parody of Michael Jackson's “Bad,” entitled “Fat,” and Spinal Tap featured the song “Big Bottom” in their 1984 rockumentary. Hands down, though, Queen's “Fat Bottomed Girls” takes the cake for best song about fat ladies. 

Which song about being overweight contains the best lyrics and music of the bunch? Vote below for your favorite hit singles by some of the industry's greatest rock bands, pop stars, and rappers, and feel free to check out these artists' discography lists afterwards if you'd like to discover more of their best music. 

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