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The Best Songs About Being Ugly

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This list of songs about being ugly that bring some welcome ugliness into this beauty-obsessed culture. These songs address ugliness from all angles, from feeling ugly physically to being ugly on the inside to acting in an ugly manner. If Oscar Wilde was right and “There is nothing so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly,” then that means there’s a lot of material for musicians to use for their songs about ugliness. And many of these songs about unattractive feelings are downright beautiful. Just goes to show.

“Grown So Ugly” is a Captain Beefheart track that's been covered by The Black Keys. TLC's “Unpretty” was written to help women overcome body image issues in the face of ridiculous standards of beauty.

Which of these songs about being ugly are things of beauty for you? Vote up your favorites songs about feeling unattractive! If there are any beautiful songs about being ugly that aren't represented, then add them to the list!