The Best Songs About Birth

This list of songs about birth and being born will definitely get you voting. Why? You had to have been born in order to even be reading this. We all have to enter this life, which makes the subject of birth such rich territory for musicians. Whether waxing eloquent on their place of birth, being born again spiritually, or being born for some sort of destiny, there are a lot of ways to write a song about birth, and we've listed them all here. You were born to check this list out.

Some of these songs about being born are literal while others are less direct. Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign” was performed and remixed by Alabama 3, and the result, "Woke Up This Morning," became the theme song to The Sopranos. It also became less about the narrator's origins but still held onto the basic theme.

“Born to Die” is a very popular title for songs about birth. Artists who’ve used the title include Lana Del Rey, Donna Summer, Grand Funk Railroad, and Anti-Flag. “Born to Run” is another popular song title for songs that start at the beginning, as the title has been used by Bruce Springsteen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Emmylou Harris, and Marillion.

Which of these songs about birth were you born to listen to? Vote up your favorite songs on the list! And if you have a birth song in mind but can't find it here, then add it!

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