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The Best Songs About Birthdays

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Happy birthday! We're assuming it's almost your birthday since you've found your way to this list of the best songs about birthdays. From rappers to classic rockers, these musicians have written some of the greatest birthday songs of all time, all of which being way better than the lame song your parents sing you before you blow out the candles.

Set your ring tone to 50 Cent's opening chorus on "In Da Club" to get you excited about your big day - and if it doesn't, you might have to check yourself for a pulse. Stevie Wonder wows with another great birthday song "Happy Birthday," while fans of John Hughes' "Sixteen Candles" will want to play "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images on repeat. 

Which of these songs about celebrating your birthday on this list should be number one? Vote it to the top and share some of your personal favorites in the comments section.