The Best Songs About Cars

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This list focuses on cars as a subject matter of cars, not necessarily a list of songs that are good for cruising.

This list contains information about songs about cars ranked by your votes. Who doesn't love songs about cars? This list includes songs that mention cars while driving and songs that compare cars to women. Car songs have been written by rappers, rock stars and country singers. Some of the most famous car songs even make reference to cars of specific makes and models.

What are some of the best songs about cars? Prince's “Little Red Corvette” made our list, but we think that The Purple One is more interested in driving romance than the open roads. Another great song about cars is “Brand New Cadillac” by The Clash. I wonder what Joe Strummer would think about that song being used in a car commercial today.

Cake wrote the song “Stickshifts and Safetybelts” about driving and Sammy Hager vented his frustrations about maintaining the speed limit with the tune “I Can't Drive 55.” Other songs that appear on this list of the top car songs include Gary Numan's “Cars” and “Car Song” by Elastica.

Which of these great car songs makes you want to get out and drive? Let us know your favorites by voting them all the way up to the top of this list.
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