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The Best Songs About Cats

List RulesSome of these songs aren't specifically about cats, but if "cat" or "tiger" is in the title, then it's fair game

For all you feline lovers out there, we've created this list of the best songs about cats. If you are looking for the “purr”-fect song to celebrate your love of cats, then you've come to the right place. This list includes great rock songs about cats, great country songs about cats and everything in between. Some of these tunes are even about big cats, including songs about lions and songs about tigers.

One of the all-time best songs about cats is Tom Jones' “What's New Pussycat?” This tongue and cheek cat song was a big hit for Jones back in 1965. Elton John sang about felines on his tune, “Honkey Cat,” and Harry Chapin referenced cats on “Cat's in the Cradle.”There are tons of fun songs about cats, as well. In 1995,

The Presidents of the United States of America released their catchy cat tune, “Kitty.” If you are a fan of Friends, you must remember Phoebe Buffay's coffee house hit, “Smelly Cat.”

Which of these great cat songs makes you want to go, “meow?” Take a look at this selection and be sure to vote your favorites to the top.