The Best Songs About Chicago

If you're from the Windy City, you'll definitely want to check out this list of the best songs about Chicago. Chicago often gets overshadowed by New York and Los Angeles, but several rappers, rock stars and legendary blues musicians have written songs about the Windy City. Some of these great tunes specifically mention Chicago, while others only allude to the Illinois City.

Buddy Guy is one of the most famous Chicago musicians and his song, “Meet Me in Chicago” is one of the best songs about the city. Kanye West may live out in California now, but he referenced Chicago, his home town, in the song “Homecoming.” The Elvis Presley hit, “In the Ghetto,” also specifically references Chicago.

Chicago may not be mentioned in Local H's song “California Songs,” but this is the unofficial rock anthem of the Windy City. Moby was inspired by Chicago's house music scene for his track “South Side” and the North Side is represented in JD McPherson's tune, “North Side Gal.”

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