The Best Songs About Clothes

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense that there are a lot of songs about clothing. Rock stars and musicians need to look as good as they sound, and their fashion sense is often the subject of their songs themselves. With this list, you can find songs that address just about any item in your closest, whether it's a specific piece or an entire ensemble. Try on some of these tunes and hear which ones never go out of style. 

Sartorial songs are nothing new. “Short Shorts” was a hit single by the rock ‘n roll group the Royal Teens back in the '50s, and the term is still used to describe, well, short shorts. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” was a No. 1 hit single for Nancy Sinatra in the '60s, and remains by far her most popular song to this day.

Which of these songs would you let influence your wardrobe? Vote up your favorite songs about clothes below! If there's a song you love that isn't on the list, go ahead and add it to the list!

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