The Best Songs About Being Cold

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Songs with the word "cold" in the titles or about being cool, a little chilly, or absolutely freezing.

Bundle up, because this list is kind of chilly. Here are the best songs about cold, ranked by your votes. No matter what the time of year, songs about being cold can conjure memories of snowfalls and icicles. This list contains great rock songs about cold and good hip-hop songs about the cold. Many of these songs have cold in the title, while others just reference being cold or freezing in the lyrics.

Bon Iver is the type of group that is always associated with winter weather and freezing temperatures. Lead singer Justin Vernon specifically references cold in the lyrics of the song, “Blindsided.” Mumford & Sons sang about the cold on their track “Winter Winds” and Bruce Springsteen enjoyed a cold night in his hit, “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.”

When it comes to being cool, Iggy Pop is the best. His group, the Stooges, released a cold song entitled, “Real Cool Time.” Vanilla Ice was so cool he made sure everyone knew about it by putting Ice in his name. His hit, “Ice Ice Baby” made the cut for this list of the top cold songs.

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