The Best Songs About Being Cold

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Songs with the word "cold" in the titles or about being cool, a little chilly, or absolutely freezing.

Bundle up, because this list is kind of chilly. Here are the best songs about cold, ranked by your votes. No matter what the time of year, songs about being cold can conjure memories of snowfalls and icicles. This list contains great rock songs about cold and good hip-hop songs about the cold. Many of these songs have cold in the title, while others just reference being cold or freezing in the lyrics.

Bon Iver is the type of group that is always associated with winter weather and freezing temperatures. Lead singer Justin Vernon specifically references cold in the lyrics of the song, “Blindsided.” Mumford & Sons sang about the cold on their track “Winter Winds” and Bruce Springsteen enjoyed a cold night in his hit, “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.”

When it comes to being cool, Iggy Pop is the best. His group, the Stooges, released a cold song entitled, “Real Cool Time.” Vanilla Ice was so cool he made sure everyone knew about it by putting Ice in his name. His hit, “Ice Ice Baby” made the cut for this list of the top cold songs.

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Most divisive: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
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  • A Hazy Shade of Winter
    Simon and Garfunkel
    274 votes
    • Album(s): Bookends
    • Composer: Paul Simon
    • Producer: Bob Johnston, Roy Halee, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon
    • Length (seconds): 2:17

    "A Hazy Shade of Winter" by Simon & Garfunkel showcases the duo's unmatched harmonies and poetic lyrics, earning its reputation as a timeless classic that resonates with listeners on chilly days. The song's inclusion in the 1987 film Less Than Zero further solidified its place in pop culture.

  • Cold as Ice
    462 votes
    • Album(s): Foreigner
    • Composer: Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
    • Length (seconds): 3:9

    Foreigner's "Cold as Ice," a chart-topping hit from their 1977 self-titled debut album, perfectly captures the frosty feeling of an emotionally distant relationship. This unforgettable rock anthem is known for its catchy piano riff and timeless chorus, making it a go-to song for embracing winter chills.

  • She's So Cold
    The Rolling Stones
    227 votes
    • Album(s): Emotional Rescue
    • Composer: Jagger/Richards
    • Length (seconds): 4:5

    "She's So Cold" by The Rolling Stones highlights Mick Jagger's magnetic energy and the band's iconic blues-rock sound; this contagious tune has been warming up fans since its release on their acclaimed 1980 album, Emotional Rescue. As a testament to its popularity, the track continues to be a staple at live shows and received critical praise for evoking the frostiness of love gone cold.

  • Baby, It's Cold Outside
    Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart
    197 votes
    • Album(s): Stardust: The Great American Songbook, Volume III
    • Composer: Frank Loesser, Jethro Burns, Henry D. "Homer" Haynes
    • Length (seconds): 3:52

    "Baby, It's Cold Outside," originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944, has since become a holiday favorite with countless renditions by iconic artists such as Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart. This playful duet about convincing one partner to stay inside away from the cold weather remains popular today and is loved both for its nostalgia value and catchy melody.

  • Stone Cold Crazy
    178 votes
    • Album(s): Sheer Heart Attack
    • Composer: Freddie Mercury, Queen, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Meddows Taylor
    • Length (seconds): 2:15

    Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy" displays their incredible versatility with breakneck-speed verses and raucous guitar riffs embodying the frenzy of being caught out in frigid conditions. Despite not being released as a single, this energetic song from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack garners accolades from heavy metal icons like Metallica who famously covered it in 1990.

  • Ice Ice Baby
    Vanilla Ice
    287 votes
    • Album(s): To the Extreme, Hooked
    • Composer: David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Vanilla Ice, Brian May, John Deacon
    • Length (seconds): 4:26

    "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice skyrocketed to popularity in 1990 with its catchy beat (sampling Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure") and lyrics that effortlessly paint a picture of wintry weather. This classic hip-hop tune has continued to make an impact on pop culture, being referenced and parodied throughout the years.