The Best Songs About Computers

Computers have changed the way we work, communicate and write music. The best songs about computers express this lyrically, and there are plenty of tracks to vote on below. There have been several great songs written about the technological advancements in computers, but most computer songs are critical about the ways technology tears us apart.

A fantastic example of one of the top computer songs is “Computer Blue” by Prince. This song was one of the first great computer songs as it was written back in 1984. The track appeared on the soundtrack to Prince's music-filled movie, Purple Rain. Kraftwerk has written several of the best songs about computers. Their tunes, “Computer Love,” “Computer World” and more, appear on this list of the top computer songs.

In recent years, musicians seem to have grown more negative towards computers. “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent and “Everyday Robots” by Damon Albarn are two examples of songs that point out how spending time online is taking us away from actually living life.

How will we ever decide which computer song deserves the top spot on this list? Help us out by giving your favorites a thumbs up.
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