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The Best Songs About Cousins

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Cousins are more than just family - in many cases they are also really good friends. Check out this list of the best songs about cousins, ranked by your votes. Many musicians have written songs about the relationships of cousins in the genres of rock, rap, and country. Most of these great songs have the word cousin in the title, while others just reference cousins in the lyrics. 

Vampire Weekend has one of the most popular cousin songs of all-time and guess what – it's also called “Cousins.” This bouncy pop-track appeared on the group's album, Contra. PJ Harvey's “Naked Cousin” and “Cousins of the Antichrist” by Chelsea Wolfe also made this list of the top songs about cousins.

“Cousin Kevin” is a twisted song that appeared on The Who's rock opera masterpiece Tommy. J. Cole, John Coltrane, and Yuck have all written songs related to these particular relatives, as well.

Which song on this list of the greatest cousin songs is your favorite? Vote it up to the top and please add any tracks we may have missed.