The Best Songs About Crushes

If you are crushing on someone, then you'll definitely appreciate this list. Here's our ranked list of songs about crushes, voted on by fans users like you. Music may have been invented to express this feeling, and songs about having a crush are amongst the most powerful expressions in all of recorded music. Whether it's an innocent high school crush or something more serious later in life, these crush songs will either help you get over that special someone, or make you think about them even more.

The pantheon of great crush songs, the all-time "you're tearing my insides out and it might very well kill me" rocker is "Layla" by Eric Clapton. Nothing like wanting your best friend's wife to get you to put pen to paper. Rick Springfield felt the same in "Jessie's Girl." Other great crush songs include most of the early Beatles work, every song on The Violent Femmes first album, and possibly the best prom song ever recorded, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps."

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