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The Best Songs About Doctors

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This list of songs about doctors is a veritable cornucopia of musicians seeking medical attention, for a variety of reasons. “Doctor, doctor…” These are words that have been spoken by many a rockstar in the midst of their raging addictions, stories of which have been written into doctor songs.  Pills and thrills have long been a part of rock ‘n roll, so it’s only natural for musicians to look to medical professionals to take them to their highest highs, and help them recover from their lowest lows. These songs about doctors seek to thrill, and at times, chill.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones had a rivalry going in their heyday, which even extended to them writing songs about the same subjects. The Beatles “Dr. Robert” and the Rolling Stones “Doctor Doctor” are medically minded tunes from the groups.

“Doctor My Eyes” was a big hit for Jackson Browne, ironic perhaps because the song is pessimistic, about a man who has become jaded by the trials of life.

Sometimes what’s needed most is a big dose of rock ‘n roll. Ween’s “Dr. Rock” is just that, a distorted, driving rock tune that you’re sure to feel the morning after.

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