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The Best Songs About Driving

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List RulesSongs below are about driving in a car, so no songs like "You Drive Me Crazy" that aren't about cars.

Since getting behind the wheel is so commonly referenced in music, we've created a list of the top songs about driving, ranked by your votes. The open road has a way of inspiring artists to write songs about driving and the things they see on the way. From country music to rock & roll, each genre has a collection of driving hits. Some songs on this list of the best driving songs are about road trips and others are about driving in specific makes and models of cars.

Several Bruce Springsteen songs appear on this driving music list. Perhaps his best driving song is “Thunder Road.” This driving song really captures the freedom of heading out on a new adventure. “Road Trippin'” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is another fantastic driving song. John Frusciante dazzles on this track with a variety of finger picking guitar licks.

“On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson is one of the top country songs about driving and Cake's “Stickshifts and Safetybelts” would fall into the alternative genre. For a British driving song, give a listen to The Who's tune “Goin' Mobile.”

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