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The Best Songs About Feeling Pressured

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Check out this list of the greatest songs about pressure, ranked by your votes. Pressure effects everyone, even musicians. Great rock stars, country musicians and rappers have written good pressure songs. Some songs about pressure are about the general stress of life, but other top songs about pressure are about the pressure to fit in.

“Under Pressure,” the amazing track by Queen and David Bowie, is one of the best songs about pressure ever written. Fun Fact – Vanilla Ice sampled this hit for his single, “Ice Ice Baby,” although he claimed that they were different for awhile. “Stress” by Justice is also a good song about pressure and “One Step Closer” by Lincoln Park is another top pressure song.

Kendrick Lamar spoke of “The Art of Peer Pressure” and Paramore had a hit in 2005 with their song, “Pressure.” Other songs about pressure that you will find on this list include “Pressure Drop” by Toots and the Maytals and “Blood Pressure” by MUTEMATH.

What song do you like to crank up to 11 when you are feeling the pressure? Vote the best tracks to the top of this list and add any pressure songs we may have missed.