The Best Songs About Fire

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This list includes both literal and figurative meanings of the word fire.

This list contains information about songs about fire, ranked by your votes. Are you a fan of songs about flames and things burning? Fire songs by rappers, rock stars and folk singers can be found on this list of songs about fire. Whether you prefer songs about the figurative fires of love or the literal fires of burning something to the ground, this list has everything you are looking for when it comes to fire songs.

James Taylor wrote the beautiful folk song, “Fire & Rain,” back in 1970 and its fires of popularity still burn strong today. Of course, “Light My Fire” by The Doors made our list of the best songs about fire, as did the Johnny cash hit, “Ring of Fire.”

Some of the fire songs on this list are a lot of fun. Who can resist dancing to The Tramps' hit, “Disco Inferno.” Another great fire song is from the fun-loving group, Bloodhound Gang. Their 1997 song “Fire Water Burn” was a big hit.

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