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The Best Songs About Forgetting

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Forget what you know about music and refresh your memory with this list of songs about forgetting. Memory is a fickle thing, and musicians love to rewrite the past as is apparent from this of songs. Everybody has things in their past they would love to forget, and everybody has things in their past they would love to remember but can’t. This makes the topic of forgetting ripe territory for songwriting, and musicians have been plundering it for a long time. Listen to this list of songs about forgetting and you’ll find tracks you’ll never forget.

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was a hit for Simple Minds, known as the theme song to the film The Breakfast Club. Harry Nilsson wrote “Don’t Forget Me,” a track later covered by Neil Diamond.

Which of these songs about forgetting do you find unforgettable? Vote for your favorites! If any there are any forget songs you love that aren’t on this list, please don’t forget to add them (see what I did there?)