The Best Songs About Friendships Ending

Not all friendships are meant to last forever and it's common to drift apart or have a bad friendship breakup. Even though it might hurt, songs about friendships ending are really common and can often sound like a romantic relationship that failed. On this list there are songs written about friendship breakups that you may not have even known were about friends. Sometimes even songs about romantic relationships can even be applied to these situations because the feelings are often the same.

Sometimes the songs on this list reveal secrets between celebrities that we normally wouldn't be privy to. For example, Taylor Swift's infamous “Bad Blood” was a thinly veiled diss track towards fellow pop star Katy Perry. Camila Cabello also has a couple songs on this list and there's always been speculation that they are about her former friends and bandmates in Fifth Harmony. Whatever the case may be, these friendship breakup songs are perfect for your next angsty moment.

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  • “Bad Friend” - Rina Sawayama (2020)
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    “Bad Friend” - Rina Sawayama (2020)

    Sawayama wrote this track after discovering a formerly close friend had had a child which led to reminiscing about their past relationship and how they became estranged.

    I'm so good at crashing in
    Making sparks and sh*t, but then
    I'm a bad, I'm a bad, I'm a bad friend
    So don't ask me where I've been
    Been avoiding everything
    'Cause I'm a bad, I'm a bad, I'm a bad friend
    I'm a bad friend, yeah

  • “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift (2014)
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    “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift (2014)

    “Bad Blood” was famously written in reference to the feud between Swift and Katy Perry.

    Did you think we'd be fine?
    Still got scars on my back from your knives
    So don't think it's in the past
    These kinds of wounds, they last and they last
    Now, did you think it all through?
    All these things will catch up to you
    And time can heal, but this won't
    So if you're coming my way
    Just don't

  • “High Horse” - Kacey Musgraves (2018)
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    “High Horse” - Kacey Musgraves (2018)

    “High Horse” is a cheeky track about people who think they're better than everyone else.

    'Cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz
    Every time they open up their mouth
    Yeah, everyone knows someone who knows someone
    Who thinks they're cooler than everybody else

  • “Backstabber” - Kesha (2010)
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    “Backstabber” - Kesha (2010)

    Kesha's “Backstabber” is about someone who pretends to be a friend but talks trash behind your back.

    Girl, you're such a backstabber ​(Stabber)
    You're such a backstabber
    Oh, girl, you're such a sh*t-talker
    And everybody knows it, and everybody knows it
    Girl (Girl), you're such a backstabber (Stabber)
    You're such a backstabber
    Run your mouth more than anyone I've ever known
    And everybody knows it, and everybody knows it

  • “Real Friends” - Camila Cabello (2018)
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    “Real Friends” - Camila Cabello (2018)

    Cabello addresses feeling disillusioned with people in Los Angeles.

    I'm just lookin' for some real friends
    All they ever do is let me down
    Every time I let somebody in
    Then I find out what they're all about
    I'm just lookin' for some real friends
    Wonder where they're all hidin' out
    I'm just lookin' for some real friends
    Gotta get up out of this town (Oh, ooh)

  • “I Lost a Friend” - FINNEAS (2019)
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    “I Lost a Friend” - FINNEAS (2019)

    FINNEAS reflects on a real life friendship that fell apart.

    I lost a friend
    Like keys in a sofa
    Like a wallet in the backseat
    Like ice in the summer heat
    I lost a friend
    Like sleep on a red-eye
    Like money on a bad bet
    Like time worrying about
    Every bad thing that hasn't happened yet