The Best Songs About Playing Games

Life is a game, or at least that's how it seems based on this list of songs about playing games. We're talking mind games, love games, emotional games, and all manner of gamesmanship. From playing to losing to just fun and games, it appears the term “game” can be a metaphor for anything and everything. If life is a game, then these songs are about life, and about the multitude of games you can play while living it. Play the game… or at least play the songs on this list.

Most of these songs focus on the games we play with our hearts, and most include the subject right in the title. “Love Is a Losing Game,” a fatalistic take on love, was Amy Winehouse’s final single. “The Game of Love” was a hit for Santana and Michelle Branch, and was co-written by Gregg Alexander, the man behind the New Radicals ‘90s smash “You Get What You Give.” Speaking of the '90s, Jewel’s “Foolish Games” was used in the soundtrack for Batman & Robin.

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