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List Rules This is NOT a Christian music list! Artists from every genre have written songs about God, so don't expect these all to be nice and sugarcoated. No hymns or traditional religious songs.

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Whether you believe him or not, you can't deny that there have been some really awesome songs written about God. For that reason we're ranking the best songs about God, with help from votes by Ranker users like you. Since the dawn of time, people have written songs about God. There are many songs written to praise God, but many other songs question God's existence. Great rap songs have been known to reference God and the country music genre produced several inspiring tunes about the Lord.

God works in mysterious ways and Garth Brooks sang about the benefit of not always getting what you want on his track, “Unanswered Prayers.” Kanye West shared his faith on his 2004 hit, “Jesus Walks,” and George Harrison created inspiration with his God song, “My Sweet Lord.”

Some of the best songs about God are about getting to see him in heaven. “Stairway to Heaven,” “Knockin' On Heaven's Door” and “Ready to Meet Him” are all about heaven. Stevie Wonder asked God to keep everyone safe on his tune, “Heaven Help Us All.”

Which God song is the best? Vote your favorites up this list and please add any that we may have missed.
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The Beach Boys

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