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The Best Songs About Government

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Government is what gives civilization its shape and form, so of course musicians want to give their two cents by writing songs about government. Here are the government songs that deserve to be called the best, ranked by your votes. One of the tenants of punk rock has been railing against the government with anti-govnerment songs, viewed by the genre as a universal symbol of oppression. Others artists simply want to comment on a specific aspect of civic duty. One thing that probably all these artists could agree on: It’s hard to imagine a world without government. Whatever your view of the government is, there’s sure to be some songs on this list that rule your world.

The Beatles’ “Revolution” expressed John Lennon’s skepticism regarding the political protests of the 1960s. Tenacious D’s “The Government Totally Sucks” is their humorous take on expressing dissatisfaction with the government.

“Fight the Power,” by Public Enemy, was written for Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing, and the song was conceived as a protest against the abuse of power.

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