The Best Songs About Heat

Heat is not just a necessary part of human survival, it’s power, energy, and a favorite subject of musicians. Many have written amazing songs about heat, not surprisingly given that concerts and dancefloors are places where things usually heat up. Heat can mean a lot of things in a song: sex, love, and drugs are just a few of the popular topics musicians refer to with the word “heat.” Vote for your favorite songs on this list and by the end of it you’ll definitely need a chance to cool off.

The Velvet Underground’s “White Light White Heat” is an infamous ode to heroin, and not their only song about the stuff. Rappers love rapping about heat, which makes sense given it can refer to guns or the police. Snoop Dogg’s “My Heat Goes Boom,” Lil Wayne’s “Tha Heat” and Kool G Rap’s “Da Heat” are all hip-hop songs about heat.

You don’t even need lyrics to have a song about heat, as Dick Dale’s “Shredded Heat” proves. With red hot guitar licks and attitude to spare, the subject matter of this song can’t be called into question.

What songs get you all hot and bothered? Vote for your favorites! Please add any tunes that keep you warm no matter what time of year it is.

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