The Best Songs About Hell

Whether you're religious or not, you can't deny that some of the best songs of all time are about hell. Here is Ranker's list of the greatest hell songs, ranked by your votes. Metal isn't the only genre that has written great songs about hell. There are great rap songs about hell, great country songs about hell and everything in between. Some songs about going to hell are about fire and the devil, but other songs about hell are about getting through a really difficult period in life.

AC/DC has several of the best songs about hell. Their hits, “Hells Bells” and “Highway to Hell” both made this list. The Clash have one of the top hell songs with “Straight to Hell, the lyrics of which include, “No man's land and there ain't no asylum here/King Solomon he never lived round here/Go straight to hell boys.”

Pink Floyd's “Run Like Hell” and “Gonna Raise Hell” by Cheap Trick also made this list of the top hell songs. Ozzy Osbourne appears on this list several times both as a solo artist and as a member of Black Sabbath.

Which hell song is the best? Help us decide by voting your favorites to the top and share your thoughts in the comments section.
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