The Best Songs About Houses

Shelter is a basic need, as this list of songs about houses can attest to. Houses are what keep out the storm, and many musicians have put their feelings about houses, sometimes a home, sometimes not, into song form. As musicians often return from touring to a house they rarely see, they frequently pen tracks about the experience of a neglected homebase. Whether you live in an apartment, a space station, or a house like the ones in these songs about houses, everyone can relate to the need for a roof over their heads.

“The House of the Rising Sun” was the Animals’ biggest hit, a traditional folk song that they transformed with their electrified arrangement, making it arguably the first folk-rock hit.

Melvina Reynolds’s “Little Boxes” is well known at the theme song to the TV show Weeds, and both the song and the show are a testament to mind-crushing suburbia.

“House of Cards” is a popular title for songs, as both Radiohead and Elton John have penned tunes that use the phrase.

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