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The Best Songs About Ice

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Ice is a great topic for songs because it can represent the literal ice of winter or the figurative ice of a cold person. Here's a list of the best songs about ice, ranked by your votes. There are great hip-hop ice songs, great rock ice songs and great country ice songs. Some ice songs are even by artists from the metal genre. Some of these songs are literally about ice, but in most cases ice is a metaphor for a person's demeanor, or the status of a relationship.

We had to put “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice on our list of the top songs about ice. Believe it or not, this track was the first hip-hop song to top the Billboard chart. “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner, “Black Ice” by AC/DC and “Trapped Under Ice” by Metallic are other songs about ice that can be ranked on this list. Britney Spears contradicts herself with her song, “Hot as Ice.”

Which Ice song is the best of the bunch? Vote your favorites to the top and add any additional ice songs that are missing.