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The Best Songs About Kings

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Songs about kings are represented on this list, whether they're about literal monarchs or metaphorical rulers. To be a pop star is to be royalty of sorts, so it makes sense that musicians would pen songs with royal imagery. Every hit song is a jewel in the crown, and this list is chock-full of both hits and diamonds in the rough. Take a listen to these songs about kings and you just might feel like a king yourself… At least as long as these songs are playing.

Some of these songs are about made-up rulers, others are all about metaphorical kings, and still others tackle actual sovereigns. Coldplay's “Vida La Vida” tells the story of an unidentified king turned street-sweeper. The Police's "King of Pain," meanwhile, is actually about divorce. Then there's “Sun King” by the Beatles. It's a key in track on side B of their Abbey Road album, which is comprised of a medley of songs, and it's said to be inspired by King Louis XIV.

Which of these songs about kings make you feel like you're sitting on a throne of your own? Vote for your favorites! If there are great songs about kings that aren’t on this list, go right ahead and add them.