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The Best Songs About Legs

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From thighs to knees to ankles, every inch of a woman's (and men's I guess) leg has been celebrated in song. Some of the best songs about legs reference the body part in the title, but others mention legs in their lyrics. There are great rock songs about legs, good R&B songs about legs, and everything in between. Get a leg up on this list by voting for your favorite leg songs.

“Legs” by ZZ Top is an example of the type of iconic legs song you will find on this list. AC/DC seems to be obsessed with legs. They had a hit with the track, “Shake a Leg,” and they sang about “American thighs” on “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Other great songs about legs on this list include “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart and “Drop Dead Legs” by Van Halen.

Run the Jewels and The Shins are very different bands, but they both have songs entitled “Sea Legs.” The Bloodhound Gang, Arctic Monkeys and R. Kelly also have good leg songs on this list.

Which leg song on this list is your favorite? Vote it up to No. 1 and share your opinions in the comments section.