The Best Songs About Listening

Listening is the key to a lot of things in life - relationships, education, and most importantly, hearing the tunes on this list of songs about listening. Since music is all about listening, musicians have covered subjects like listening and hearing quite often. Listening to your heart, bells, flies, love, the wind - this list covers a plethora of things one can listen to. Take a listen to this list of listening songs, you’ll like what you hear.

“Stop, Look & Listen (to your Heart)” was a hit for the R&B group the Stylistics. It was later recorded as a duet between Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross.

“Listen to your Heart” was an unexpected hit for the Swedish rock duo Roxette that became one of the top selling singles in the U.S. in the‘80s.

Talking Heads’s “Listening Wind” was later covered by Peter Gabriel.

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