Songs You Didn't Know Are About Losing Your Virginity

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Songs about sex are just about as old as music itself, and songs about losing your virginity are as important a part of the pop canon as any other. While the hidden messages in some of the songs on this list are pretty obvious, others are pretty clock and dagger, and are songs you probably hear on a daily basis and have not given much thought to otherwise. Until now.

Sex sells, and the music industry has always been aware of this, even if the messages are sometimes hidden—or presented more subtly—in an attempt to get around media censoring. Sometimes it works, and sometimes the songwriter still manages to court controversy. Nevertheless, the losing of one's virginity is a relatable fact of life for many people, and that is what pop music is all about—describing an experience shared by the masses and presenting it as art. Do any of these conjure up memories of YOUR first time?