The Best Songs About Methamphetamine

Breaking Bad may have brought meth into the mainstream, but musicians have been writing about the drug for decades.Here are the best songs about meth, ranked by user votes. Some of the best songs about methamphetamine are by hip-hop artists and other great meth songs are by rock stars. A few of the songs on this list of good meth songs may even surprise you.

Primus actually has at least two songs about meth. Their tracks “On the Tweek Again” and “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweakers both made this list. Green Day make reference to being “spun,” a term that is associated with being high on meth, in their hit, “Brain Stew” and Marcy Playground allude to crystal meth as candy in their song, “Sex and Candy.”

Who knew that Third Eye Blind's up beat pop-rock track, “Semi-Charmed Life,” included some lyrics inspired by the stimulant? Maybe that's why it's so hard to get the song out of your head! Other good meth songs include “The Speed of Pain” by Marilyn Manson and the meth cooking anthem, “Sinoloa Cowboys” by Bruce Springsteen.

Which song on this list do you think is the best meth song? Vote up your favorite to the top and please add any methamphetamine-inspired tracks we may have missed.
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