50 Best Songs About Mistakes To Listen To When You're Wrong

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Everybody makes mistakes, and thankfully those mistakes are often turned into great music, as proved by the tunes on this list of songs about mistakes. If screwing up is inevitable, then these mistake songs are a welcome byproduct of that inevitability. Lessons learned, lost love, moving on from regret, and just plain unchangeable bullheadedness are all covered in these songs that reference making mistakes in the lyrics or title. Consider this list a beautiful testament to human folly.

“Oops!... I Did It Again” was a hit single by Britney Spears. Sung from the viewpoint of a predatory female who toys with men’s hearts, the fact that she’s making “mistakes” seems to come purely from her own admission.

“My Favorite Mistake” was a Sheryl Crow single, rumored to be about her tumultuous relationships with either Eric Clapton or Jakob Dylan.

“God’s Mistake” was a single by Tears for Fears, a cynical take on love.

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