The Best Songs About Morning

Have you ever heard music in your dreams or woken up with a song stuck in your head? That's how Paul McCartney first had an idea for the song "Yesterday" which was originally titled, "Scrambled Eggs" due to its timely inspiration. These songs about morning are sure to kickstart your day, whether you get up at the crack of dawn, or prefer to sleep in.

Many feel that the morning is the best part of the day, because the world is calm, still, and serene. It provides you with time to be productive before everyone else begins their day, and there's a magical quality to feeling like you're the only person in the world. Phish's "Silent in the Morning," addresses this phenomenon.  If you love your pancakes with a side of Radiohead in the morning, you'll love their songs "Morning Mr. Magpie" and "Morning Bell."   

The Kings of Leon's "Red Morning Light" will certainly wake you up if you're feeling sleepy, and set an upbeat mood for the day.  If you like to warm your voice up in the shower, we recommend the Grateful Dead's "Till the Morning Comes."

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