The Best Songs About Mothers and Daughters

It doesn't have to be Mother's Day to show some appreciation for your mom! Plenty of artists have written about the one-of-a-kind relationship between mothers and daughters and this list is here to celebrate that special bond. Artists like Beyoncé have written about the topic from the perspective of having and raising a daughter while others like the Spice Girls have dedicated odes to the mothers that raised them.

Vote below for your old favorites and check out even more songs about mothers and daughters.

  • "Mother" - Ashanti (2008)
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    "Mother" - Ashanti (2008)

    Ashanti talks about the struggles and sacrifices her mother made for her.

    See, I've been blessed to be raised by a woman so strong
    'Cause even when I did things wrong
    You would show me just the way that I should carry on
    You kept me safe, and you protected me with all you had
    And any time I was in need you gave your very last
    Without you by my side, I never could survive
    I wouldn't be the woman standing here before your eyes

  • "Promise" - Tori Amos (2014)
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    "Promise" - Tori Amos (2014)

    “Promise” talks about growing up with your mom and the way the relationship evolves.

    I will be there
    You are the light
    That follows you everywhere
    Look for my love
    Where the sun shines
    I will be there
    Will you?

  • "Mother" - Sugarland (2018)
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    "Mother" - Sugarland (2018)

    A song about all the good things your mother provides that may be taken for granted.

    She's your mother, you love her
    There won't be another place like her again that you call home
    She stands here to help you, there's nothing she won't do
    As long as she's alive, you're not alone, you've got each other
    That's your mother

  • “Mom” - Meghan Trainor (2016)
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    “Mom” - Meghan Trainor (2016)

    This song is all about having a great friendship with your mom.

    You might have a mom, she might be the bomb
    But ain't nobody got a mom like mine
    Her love's 'til the end, she's my best friend
    Ain't nobody got a mom like mine