The Best Songs About People

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According to musicians, people are strange, people are beautiful, and people love to party. We've compiled a list of the best songs about people, from Miley Cyrus to Sly & the Family Stone, and everyone in between. Musicians always seem to have the best insight into the minds of the masses, because they have the distinct ability to set themselves apart from the crowd, and are therefore able to use their keen observational skills to make social commentary about the way we live.  

The Pulp classic, "Common People," riffs on an upper-class girl slumming it with lead singer Jarvis Cocker, while Marilyn Manson makes a strong statement about how the "Beautiful People," don't really pay attention to what's going on right in front of them. Jim Morrison of The Doors went another direction, waxing poetic about how the state of your own mood affects how you view others in "People Are Strange."

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